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The Vehicles Distribution Portal in Brazil

Who we are

The Federação Nacional da Distribuição de Veículos Automotores (Automotive Vehicles Distribution National Federation) – Fenabrave is the representative entity of the Vehicles Distribution segment in Brazil.

The entity gathers 51 make dealership associations of cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, road implements, agricultural machines, and motorcycles.

Altogether there are 7,4 thousand national and imported vehicles distributors, with 305 thousand direct employees, which generate an annual corresponding to 3,5% of the Country’s Gross Domestic Product – GDP.

The federation’s mission is based on four objectives: Represent the segment’s political interests, prepare businesspeople for marketing competition, strengthen the distribution chains image in the market, and qualify politically and commercially the chains and their new leaderships.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Steering Board of Fenabrave is Alarico Assumpção Júnior. 

The national headquarters’ address is Av. Indianópolis, 1.967 - Planalto Paulista
São Paulo – SP – CEP 04063-003
Telephone: (55) 11 5582-0000 – Fax: (55) 11 5582-0001
General email: fenabrave@fenabrave.org.br.

The entity counts on 23 regional administrations in the Brazilian territory.

How to use the data available in this portal

The data displayed in this portal are updated every day. Access is free, but whenever they be used the source must be mentioned. Fenabrave (Brazil).

In order to facilitate your browsing through the portal, we created a glossary with the key words in English that identify the survey areas shown in Portuguese. This glossary is divided in four parts:

1. Institutional topics – where you find key words to consult information about organizational structure, main executives, and services offered by the entity and its
members. These topics are at the portal’s main menu bar.

2. Vehicle consultation topics – they identify the places where the Brazilian automotive market data can be found. They are arranged on the portal’s upper left column.

3. Key words in the vehicle consultation topics – they are the main terms employed in the portal’s vehicle classifications. Understanding their meanings is essential to carry out the most complete consultation about vehicle types, makes and sales volumes in the Brazilian automotive market.

4. Information and relationship topics – they identify the terms that show what is available to keep the portal user updated with the segment knowledge, besides the
interactivity channels available.

Please check below.


1. Institutional Topics

Associações de marca – Make associations

TV Fenabrave – Fenabrave TV

Novas Lideranças – New Leaderships (or Future Leaderships)

Dados do mercado – Market data

História da Distribuição – Distribution History

Links do setor – Segment links

Artigos e estudos – Articles and studies

Imprensa - Press

Diretoria – Executive Board

Regionais – Regionals Administrations

Nossos profissionais – Our professionals

Ex-presidentes – Ex Presidents

Sincodiv (Sindicato dos Concessionários e Distribuidores de Veículos) – Sindicov (Vehicle Dealers and Distributors Union)

Fenacodiv (Federação Nacional dos Concessionários e Distribuidores de Veículos) – Fenacodiv (Vehicle Dealers and Distributors National Federation)

2. Vehicles consultation topics

Emplacamentos (identificam o volume de veículos que entraram oficialmente em circulação naquela data) – License Plates (they identify the volume of vehicles that officially entered in circulation on that date)

Modelos mais vendidos – Best-selling models

Indicadores financeiros – Financial indicators

Análise econômica setorial – Sectoral economic analysis

Usados (vendas de veículos usados) – Second-hand (second-hand vehicle sales)

Vendas no varejo (vendas realizadas pelas redes de concessionárias, conforme informações fornecidas pelas montadoras) – Retail sales (sales made by the dealership chains, according to information provided by the assemblers)

Estoque da rede (veículos em estoque nas concessionárias, conforme informações fornecidas pelas montadoras) – Chain inventory (vehicles in inventory at dealerships, according to information provided by the assemblers)

Pesquisa Fenabrave de Relacionamento com o Mercado – Fenabrave Market Relationship Survey

Semestral 2009 (levantamento sobre o período, contendo dados consolidados e comparativos em geral) – Half-yearly 2009 (survey about the period, containing consolidated and comparative data at large)

Anuário 2008 (levantamento sobre o período, contendo dados consolidados e comparativos em geral) – Yearbook 2008 (a survey about the period, containing consolidated and comparative data at large)

3. Key words in the vehicle consultation topics

Resumo da venda (no sentido de “Panorama do mercado brasileiro de veículos novos”) – Sale summary (in the sense of “Brand-new vehicles Brazilian market panorama”)

Ano – Year

Mês – Month

Período – Period

1ª quinzena – 1st fortnight

Fechamento (mês completo) – Closing (full month)

Pesquisar – Search

Calcular – Calculate

Resumo mensal – Monthly summary

Segmento – Segment

Autos (ou automóveis) – Cars (or automobiles)

Comerciais leves (similar a utilitários) – Light commercial (similar to utilities)

Caminhões – Trucks

Ônibus – Buses

Motos (ou motocicletas) – Motos (or motorcycles)

Impl. Rod. (abreviatura de “Implementos Rodoviários”, como carretas, baús e tanques tracionados por caminhões) – Impl. Rod. (abbreviation of “Road Implements”, such as trailers or tanks moved by trucks)

Outros (todos os demais produtos tracionáveis que necessitam obrigatoriamente de licenciamento para circularem, como, por exemplo, pequenas carretas para o transporte de jet ski ou de lancha, barco, etc.) – Others (all other movable products that compulsorily need license plating to circulate, such as, for instance, small carts to transport jet skis or motor-boats, boats,etc.)

Acumulado / Acumulado até... – Accumulated / Accumulated until...

Previsão MB (a sigla MB identifica a empresa brasileira de consultoria MB Associados) – MB forecast (the abbreviation MB identifies the Brazilian consulting company MB Associados)

Variação percentual – Percentage variation

Participação no acumulado – Participation in the accumulated

Participação de mercado – Market participation

Divisão dos emplacamentos por regiões – License plating division per regions

Centro-Oeste, Nordeste, Norte, Sudeste e Sul (5 regiões geo-políticas brasileiras) – Center-Western, Northeastern, Northern, Southeastern and Southern (5 Brazilian geopolitical regions)

Ranking dos emplacamentos – License plating ranking

Modelos mais emplacados – Most-licensed models

Veículo de entrada (veículo mais simples e barato de uma linha ou da marca) – Entrance vehicle (the simplest and cheapest vehicles of a line or of the make)

Hatch pequeno –Small Hatch

Hatch médio – Medium Hatch

Sedans pequenos –Small Sedans

Sedans compactos – Compact Sedans

Sedans médios – Medium Sedans

Sedans grandes – Big Sedans

SW médio – Medium SW

SW grande – Big SW

MonoCab (utilitário de cabine simples) – MonoCab (single-cabin utility)

GrandCab (utilitário de cabine dupla) – GrandCab (double-cabin utility)

Pick-up’s pequenas –Small Pick-ups

Pick-up’s grandes – Big Pick-ups

Furgões – Vans

Furgões pequenos – Small vans

SUV’s – SUVs

Caminhões semi-leves – Semi-light trucks

Caminhões leves –Light trucks

Caminhões médios – Medium trucks

Caminhões semi-pesados – Semi-heavy trucks

Caminhões pesados – Heavy trucks

Ranking por marca de emplacamentos para pessoa física – Ranking per license plating make for individuals

Ranking por marca de emplacamentos para pessoa jurídica – Ranking per license plating make for legal entities

Pessoa física – Individual

Pessoa jurídica – Legal entity

4. Information and relationship topics

Fale conosco – Talk to us

Acontece no setor – Segment’s latest events

Enquete da semana – Weekly survey

Dealer, a revista do concessionário – Dealer, the dealer’s magazine

Infográfico do dia – Day’s infographic

Notícias em destaque – News Highlights

Multimídia – Multimedia

Indicadores econômicos – Economic indicators

The Fenabrave portal thanks you for the access and wishes all success for your survey.